• Solar panels owners need authorization only if they are supplying electricity to the grid

    KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) says that if solar panel owners wish to supply electricity to the public grid a licence is required adding however that no authorization is required from the Office simply for the installation of such panels. The OUR was clarifying its role, with reference to a story in the Jamaica Observer of August 13, 2013 in which a representative of the Jamaica Licensed Electricians Association (JLEA) ...

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  • Lighting Options 101

    This is a simple video from the U.S. Department of Energy that explains the different light bulbs available to date. Note that the video is geared to a U.S. market, meaning the $5o/Year is in U.S. In Jamaican dollars (as of 2014) that would be approximately $17 000/Year for the 15 bulbs.   This second video is again from the U.S. Department of Energy, and it explains what exactly are lumens.

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  • The OUR’s role in net billing

    Elizabeth Bennett Marsh, GUEST COLUMNIST Reference is made to a column written by Aubyn Hill in the Financial Gleaner of September 12, 2014 in which he questioned the role of the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) in the net billing process. Titled 'The Senseless Complexity of the Net Billing Bureaucracy', it asserted that when the JPS does its technical assessment of the application for net billing, 'their recommendation then goes to the Office of Utilities Regulation which ...

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  • Rate of Duty/GCT for Energy Efficient Items

    With the recent announcement from the minister of finance that there will no longer be any import duties or GCT on solar equipment, I have been getting a lot of emails and phone calls that customs is still charging duties on some items. I have attached a list of items that are classified as energy efficient items and many still require duty to be paid - INCLUDING solar water heaters. What is interesting is LEB bulbs are ...

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  • Bye, Bye JPS – Parottee Home Owners Go Wind, Solar

    PAROTTEE, St Elizabeth — The joyful effervescence of the Black River High School Choir drew laughter and applause. "Bye, bye JPS", they sang, waving theatrically to an imaginary figure in the distance. Hugh Buchanan (left), member of parliament for South East St Elizabeth; Phillip Paulwell (2nd right), minister of science, technology, energy and mining; and Michelle Kholov inside her power ...

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